Hemp Cotton Fitted nappies with Coffee polar fleece

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These adjustable natural fitted nappies are perfect for dry nights. Worn with a wrap these fitted nappies should last all night due to the incredible absorption properties of hemp and cotton. The innovative eco Coffee fibre polar fleece lining wicks away moisture from the skin and absorbs odours. Outer fabric: 2 layers hemp cotton (55% hemp, 45% cotton) Inner:Coffee Polar Fleece Long Insert: 3 Layers hemp 37x13.5 cm Smaller insert 1 Layer coffee fibre, 3 layers bamboo 30.5 x 13cm Fits babies 3-15kg Only 5 available!

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Coffee Fibre material is extremely eco friendly - combining the waste product from coffee production - the used grounds with recycled PET bottles. This gives these things a second lease of life and keeps them from landfill/our oceans. 

Characteristics of Coffee-Fibre

This innovative material wicks moisture away from the skin and is very fast drying (200% fast drying capacity).

The nano particles of coffee embedded in the fabric absorb odours

Manufacturing process uses non toxic chemicals which do not harm the environment.

100% biodegradable

U.V resistant so offers sun protection.