Microfiber Envirocloth


These cloths are impregnated with silver providing a natural way to give antibacterial cleaning power to your home without the use of chemicals. Removes up to 99% of bacteria from a surface with only water. Eliminates costly cleaning chemicals. Cleans any surface Fiber has minimum length of 3 million meters! Used dry they produce n electrostatic charge that attracts even the smallest particles of dirt, grease and moisture leaving the surface free from everything. Used wet the micro silver self-purifies. 1x EnviroCloth Ditch the chemicals! Envirocloth Superior-quality Microfibre combines with our unique BacLock®* antibacterial agent to create a multipurpose cloth that can be used wet or dry to clean everything. The super-versatile EnviroCloth is the perfect replacement for chemical-laden, all-purpose cleaners, and eliminates the need for wasteful kitchen roll, so it's also more sustainable for the environment! Highly effective and easy to care for; between launderings, simply rinse, wring out and hang to dry.

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