Microfiber Window Cloth


These cloths are impregnated with silver providing a natural way to give antibacterial cleaning power to your home without the use of chemicals. Removes up to 99% of bacteria from a surface with only water. Eliminates costly cleaning chemicals. Cleans any surface Fiber has minimum length of 3 million meters! Used dry they produce n electrostatic charge that attracts even the smallest particles of dirt, grease and moisture leaving the surface free from everything. Used wet the micro silver self-purifies. 1x Window Cloth Ditch the chemicals! Envirocloth Superior-quality Microfibre combines with our unique BacLock®* antibacterial agent to create a multipurpose cloth that can be used wet or dry to clean everything. The super-versatile EnviroCloth is the perfect replacement for chemical-laden, all-purpose cleaners, and eliminates the need for wasteful kitchen roll, so it's also more sustainable for the environment! Highly effective and easy to care for; between launderings, simply rinse, wring out and hang to dry. Window Cloth Need an easy, chemical-free, window-cleaning solution? Try the silky, tightly woven microfibre Window Cloth to get your windows, mirrors, jewellery and other shiny surfaces sparkling clean without leaving unsightly streaks or residues using only water. Eliminating the need for harmful chemical cleaners

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