Naturally Wonderful Teen pads /panty liners - small

Made to order

Made to order pads for your everyday needs, whether it be for menstruation, or those little leaks. These are smaller. They can be made for teens/smaller women or without the zorb core for a pantyliner. Choose your size, design and absorbancy. 8.5inches in length Top layer: cotton Core: Bamboo microfleece, Zorb + waterproof Pul Bottom layer: cotton or fleece Fixed with popper snap

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Care instructions:

All natural fabric is prewashed  and tumble dried before sewing to minimise shrinkage and warping. Therefore these can be washed up to 60 degrees and tumble dried. 

Soaking prior to washing will help protect against stains.

Please do not use fabric conditioner as this can affect the absorbency.